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Once you Move In

  • Snow and Ice Removal
    Check your lease – who is responsible for snow and ice removal? If you are, here’s all the info you need on snow and ice removal rules!
  • Lawn Care
    Even if your landlord is responsible for mowing, you are responsible for keeping your lawn clean and presentable!
  • Parking
    Avoid a ticket by knowing the East Lansing ordinances related to parking!
  • Party Smart
    It is possible to have fun while respecting your neighbors and not getting in trouble! Follow these guidelines to party smart!
  • Protecting Your Deposit
    Make sure you get your security deposit back by following this process when you move in – the general idea is document, document, document!
  • Safety and Security
    East Lansing is a pretty safe place to live, but there are still steps you should take to protect yourself and your property!
  • Recycling and Reusing Moving Guide
    Most students have a lot of stuff to get rid of when moving out – don’t just throw it away! Follow these tips for donating or recycling items.